A social game that improves your finances

PFM Hero

Find Out How

Who doesn’t think that managing your money is important? Yet people find themselves spending hours every week doing fun things, like fantasy football, while only spending minutes in their personal finance and banking apps? Ever wondered how to save more and reduce debt in a fun way?

Hello. I’m PFM HERO.

How does it work?

First, link all your accounts – checking, credit cards, loans, mortgage…anything. It’s easy and secure, and you’ll see your Net Worth in one, tidy place! Then join (or start) a game! You can go solo or invite friends for more encouragement. Choose one of the following game goals:

  • Reduce Debt
  • Save More
  • Grow Net Worth
  • Investment

Our game engine will begin monitoring changes in your accounts and score points based on the game goal. Games can last anywhere from 1 – 12 months, so be patient. The reward of improving your financials is worth it. 

Follow our Tips – simple strategies that help you meet your goal. You can even create and share your own tips and earn more points.

Win. Whether you win a game or not, you’ll be improving your financials. With PFM Hero, we all win.  Checkout our faq and scoring pages for more info.

How is PFM Hero different?

  1. It’s fun. It isn’t like every other personal finance app out there… you know, the ones that don’t solve a problem or engage the user.
  2. It’s based on your goals. From friends saving to go on a bachelor party, to a family saving for a dream vacation or new house, PFM Hero helps everyone to save more.
  3. It’s social and collaborative. PFM Hero allows everyone to participate in a way that’s fun, social, competitive, and yields results. Link up to Facebook and see all your friends who are playing. Or, just challenge yourself.

PFM Hero is the first fun and engaging social game that improves your financials. Coming soon to iOS and Android.