How can my business partner?

Sponsor a public tourney

PFM Hero is free for our users, and we generate revenue through advertising – but we don’t just rely on the old ways of popping up mass quantities of irrelevant offers. Our entire platform is about knowing who our customers are and what they want to achieve. So one of the creative ways we approach advertising is allowing our sponsors to customize tournaments. If you sell high end TV’s, you might want to sponsor a tournament to save for the TV of your dream – and that’s just where getting to know your customer starts. You can deeply engage, from providing them tips on how to better use your rewards program to achieve their goal, to even offering the TV as a prize for the winner.

Host a VIP competition just for your clients

While the PFM Heroes out there are our clients, many of them are your clients as well. We allow our sponsors to host VIP tourneys just for their clients who have linked one of their accounts to the app. There our sponsors can offer unique rewards that others can see but can’t participate in unless they open an account with you.