How is my financial data kept secret?

No one but you can see your financial data, even during friends and public play. We use relative change and never show absolute values. For example, if you save an extra $5 on top of a starting balance of $100, then you've saved 5%. You'd be tied with someone who saved $500 on a $10,000 starting balance because they are also at 5%.

What are Tips?

Tips are bite-sized nuggets of financial advice. Some are sourced from pros, but most tips come from you, the PFM Hero community. Choose as many or as few as you want to help meet your savings and debt objectives.

How do I earn points?

There are many ways to earn points, or XP (experience points). You can create and link tips, share milestones, win games, and more. See all the ways to earn on our scoring page.